So I did go in on Tuesday to see where my thyroid was at and to test for the presence of anti-nuclear anti-bodies (which indicates the potential presence of an auto-immune disease).  I had my first strange experience of having a doctor that is (probably!) younger than me.  I am 29 but she looked about 25!

It is also strange that now we can see test results online with only google to help us figure out what it means.  My ANA test was positive.  I haven’t heard back from the Doctor though.  So I am in the limbo period.  I’ll probably need more tests to figure out exactly what is up.  0e1407027_waiting-series-graphic

Today I am feeling just exhausted.  I am pretty bummed because this has affected my quality of life so much for most of my 20’s.  Summing up much of the last decade in my life I would use one word- tired.  And with three kids I can’t exactly nap or sleep in.

My little guy Gabe is going through the ringer with his eczema.  He’s been having trouble sleeping every night and keeping us up too.  I let him stay home on Tuesday because he had been up much of the night and scratched himself raw.

So we are at a real low point.  It’s been pretty brutal.  It kills us to see him suffering day after day.  He is going to see a specialist next week and hopefully we’ll get some answers/help with this.

In times like this I am grateful though for my husband.  He is such a good dad and a loving partner.  Having that support through tough times is everything.

We are trying to see glimmers of hope through this.  It’s been tough though.  Not gonna lie.  We get really frustrated that God hasn’t yet answered our prayers for Gabe.  We’ve started wrapping him up in seran-wrap and packing tape at night so he doesn’t scratch all his skin off at night!  Almost funny, like a little plastic wrap mummy.

I don’t know for sure if I have lupus yet.  Obviously, there is something auto-immune going on with me- causing the fatigue and hair loss.  Hopefully I’ll have more answers soon.

So it is what it is.  We could definitely use prayers, especially for Gabe.


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