Good News!

I know my posts have been glum and sad lately but today I am very hopeful.

We noticed that Gabe’s eczema has gotten much worse since we moved to a new area a little over a year ago.  Despite using all sorts of creams, ointments, and steroids.  I think a huge contributer is the water here.  You can smell the chlorine in it.  For months every time I get out of the shower my skin is itchy all over with red rashes on my neck, face and shoulders.

We have Gabe soak in the water every night as part of his treatment.  It is really frustrating to think that all along the water was making his situation worse.

So we splurged on a whole house water filtration system.  I am really hopeful that it will help his skin immensely.  Chlorine is nasty stuff.  It is toxic even in small amounts.  WIth every shower it actually absorbs through your skin and you breathe it in, adding to a daily toxic load.  Children like Gabe just can’t handle it.

Another option is to add ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to children’s bath water.  A small amount (like a tsp.) will help neutralize the chlorine.

There are also special shower heads that filter out chlorine that are supposed to work really well too.


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