My Kinda-Sorta Lupus

After a decent night sleep I woke up feeling exhausted.  Like so many mornings.  I drank my coffee and did my devotion time, feeling awful.  I got my kids on the bus and drug my tired self to the gym.  I mentally pushed aside the exhaustion to get in a good workout, like so many mornings.  After two cups of coffee and a heart-thumping workout I feel somewhat energized.  Like so many mornings.

A few days ago would have been my Grandma Margaret Terrell’s 92nd birthday.  But she died relatively young, her early 60’s, in large part due to lupus.

My older sister recently had to go on prednisone to get her lupus under control.

So I’ve been thinking about lupus and of course it’s effect on my life.  I’ve never been dianosed.  When my health started going south a few years ago I really felt more frustrated and misunderstood in the various doctors offices than anything else.  I guess I developed the mindset that ultimately I am responsible for my health and there are no easy answers.

Things got better when I started to figure out how huge diet was.  Certain foods make me feel like the walking dead- gluten, carageenan, soy lecithin, and nitrates.  When I am on a super strict diet I feel so much better.  However, these four ingredients are in like 90% of common foods that you would eat at restauraunts, cookouts, potlucks, etc.

I also have chemical sensitivities, like many of my Aunts (daughters of my Grandma Terrell).  A strong whiff of perfume can give me an instant headache.  I avoid any artificial scents in anything because they make me ill.

I think it started in my teen years.  I developed the trademark ‘butterfly’ red mark on my face.  My hair started falling out.  I felt tired and depressed.  Of course, my diet was terrible then.

Now I take really good care of myself because I have too.  I think if I threw all caution to the wind and ate a crappy diet I could be bed ridden with lupus really quick.

I certainly would not declare over myself that I have lupus.  I feel like there really is no point in getting a bunch of testing done because there is no cure.  The best approach is healthy lifestyle.

I just wanted to share because you may feel like something is your fate.  It may be in your genes.  You may have symptoms.  You may feel defeated at times.  But don’t give up.  Don’t curl up in bed with your sickness.  Life is for living.  We all have to do the best with the hands we are dealt.

Lifestyle factors actually have an enormous effect on gene expression.  And of course, there is power in prayer.  I pray daily but I don’t think God is going to let me get away with not doing my part and wallowing in self pity.  I don’t know what my future holds.  Maybe I’ll be bald in 10 years.  Maybe I’ll be vibrantly healthy.  I know that whatever happens I trust God.  He has a good plan no matter what.  WeAreMoreThanConquerors

So I’ll keep doing my best to (try!) to eat consistently healthy and keeping a positive attitude.  Maybe your hardship is God’s invitation to be gloriously triumphant, an overcomer in life.

Join me in making this your battle mindset, “No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” Romans 8:37


One thought on “My Kinda-Sorta Lupus

  1. Amen sweetheart! I just love you so much… We’ll walk through this life together and I will always be by your side loving and supporting you. I don’t care if you go bald or not. 😉

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