Loving Your Introvert Self

There is real bias against introverts in society today.  It is definitely something I have struggled with.  Introvert tendencies are seen as a fault to be corrected.  For example: describing someone as ‘outgoing’ is seen as a compliment.  Describing someone as ‘reserved’, well, not so much. d1bb4a2e-17d2-4e17-9784-3cab251e5144_560_420

We can’t all be extrovert, life-of-the party types.  God made some of us to be introverted.

How do you know if you are an introvert?  Classic example would be the person who would rather stay home with a good book or movie than go to a social gathering.

You are probably an introvert if you:

-have a small circle of friends

-hate small talk but really enjoy deep coversations

-avoid any sort of office ‘politics’ or phony posturing

-feel very uncomfortable when the center of attention

-need alone time to de-stress

-expend energy (as opposed to gaining it) in social settings

-tend to be more easy going

-think/feel deeply and sometimes have difficulty expressing that

I really think the world is harder for sensitive, introvert types.  Anyone else relate to just wanting to be ‘normal’ and feeling like it has always eluded you?

The older I get the more I see that my personality is exactly the unique and special way God created me to be and I can embrace that without trying to ‘fix’ myself.

Intorverts may not be the gregarious fun ‘people-people’.  (though I totally love you types and the world needs you!)  But introverts have so much to contribute to the world.  Introverts tend to be the great writers, scientists and thinkers of the world.   In a way, as an introvert, it is easier to cultivate a deep relationship with God because we are naturally drawn to the deep and meaningful in life and it is easier for us to get away and tune out distractions.

My best friend is on the opposite end of the spectrum-very outgoing.   She literally makes friends wherever she goes.   It is hard to not compare myself and feel like I come up short.

Who she is is wonderful, and I need to remind myself that God has made me wonderful too.  At the risk of sounding cliche- we are all wonderful because we are the handiwork of a masterful creator.   God created us all with a unique plan in mind-tailor made for our unique giftings.

The take home message is- love, accept, and be true to yourself.   Be the best version of you because everyone else is ‘taken’!

Embrace your need for quiet and solitude- even Jesus often snuck away from his disciples to be alone with his Father.  But remember to have balance in your life.  Don’t get overly isolated.  Spend time with people very different from you to get a more balanced perspective on life.  I know when I am alone too much I get way too serious to the point of getting sad.  Types like us need light-hearted extroverts to help us lighten up and have more fun.  And maybe they need our insights from all that reading and reflecting we do!


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