Importance of Community

bekerI am 100% introvert.  Not by choice, by design.  I love people but my natural tendency is towards a ‘lone wolf’ approach to life.  I hate asking for help.  I don’t want to burden anyone.

‘Downward spiral’ sounds a bit intense but I’ve definitely been struggling.  I haven’t gotten much time with God and the voice of the enemy has been so loud and persistent.  The downward pull of life has gotten me adrift.  And then my tendency is to isolate (at least I my head) and that makes me an even easier target.

(me and my good friend, who is always encouraging and blessing people- Becky)

So church this morning was a huge blessing to me.  My pastor had the exact message I needed.  (coincidence?  um no) I went up for the altar call and a woman shared a word from God with me (again, exactly what I needed to hear to gather courage and strength for the battle).  I went in feeling really defeated and left feeling encouraged and loved.

Getting a big hug, literally and figuratively, from the body of Christ is exactly what I needed.  I am so glad that the Kingdom of God is built on love and relationships.  We are a body, a family, all knit and bound together in love.

I am just thankful today for the faithful church.  The people who show up to be the hands and feet (and hugs!) of Christ.  You know who you are!  I love you and appreciate you so much.


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