Dad’s Weekend

Today we got to spend some time with my and Tim’s dads.  I am grateful that they were/are good men and are now great grandpa’s.  That’s my ‘Papa-bear’ Patrick Terrell. 20150621_151841_resized He grew up in southern Minnesota with a hard-working, working class Irish Catholic family of 16.  One of my favorite memories of Dad is us watching ‘Little Princess’ and crying together.  He denies it but I saw the tears!

This is Tim’s dad, Stephen Schwartz (with Shiloh). 20150621_135815

He has German-Jewish ancestors from the black forest.  Tim has funny stories of his dad’s epic bartering skills.  The kids adore him.

And then there is the favorite ‘dad’ in my life, my husband.  He’s been a great step-dad to Michael and the best Dad to our kids.  Once, we were talking about life and death scenarios.  He said that if we were out camping or whatever and ever got attacked by a bear he would purposefully run slower so I could escape.  Silly story but I know he would.  He is faithful, hard-working, responsible, and fun.  20150614_151730_resized

Honey- I love you.  You are such an amazing husband and father.  I am so blessed to get to spend my life with you.  Happy Father’s Day!


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