Sunburn Cure

Yesterday was the first day of summer break for my kiddos.  I decided to take them to the zoo where they would fit in (haha 20150605_132844_resizedjust kidding…kind of).  My Dad gets our family a membership every year to the Minnesota Zoo, a really great place with lots of fun stuff for kids.  When we left it is was very overcast so I skipped sunscreen.  Within an hour of arriving the sun was out in full force.  Oops.  My kids just got a light tan but I got full on sunburnt on my neck, shoulders, and chest.  Sun exposure is good and really necessary for good health but it is easy to over-do it.  Like hours on end outside under the hot sun.

I tend to risk over-doing it vs. slathering myself in sunscreen or avoiding the sun because sun exposure is actually a preventative for all causes of mortality, even skin cancer.

The sunburn is gone this morning though because I treated it with my simple cure.  I took a spoonful of virgin coconut oil (yep that stuff again) and a few drops of lavender oil and massage it into the affected areas.  It smells amazing and takes away the heat, tenderness and stinging immediately.  It heals your skin overnight.  Awesomness.

Sunburn is inflammation so it is also helpful to supplement with anti-inflammatories like turmeric, fish oil, or green tea.  Also try to eat foods high in anti-oxidants (like blueberries) after a burn to speed healing.

Coconut oil actually has an SPF of 4-6 so it can be applied before moderate sun exposure to facilitate healthy sun exposure without burning.

Here are some fun pics from yesterday just because 🙂

20150605_131447_resized   20150605_144416_resized

Shiloh went nuts for the goats!



2 thoughts on “Sunburn Cure

  1. Sierra;
    I enjoyed you your post. It was informative in so many different ways.
    Like you and your family I enjoy being out-of-doors under the sun. Like many others; I tend to over-do-it by over extending my stay. I am going to try your remedy the next time I am out in the sun for far to long.
    Thank you, Sierra, for the good advice. It is welcomed and appreciated.

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac Jacob bless and keep you and yours always.


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