Thoughts on Autism


This is Michael.  This picture is just quintessentially him.  He staged a lego guy ‘battle’ on his lego watch.  Michael is very bright, funny, outgoing and a natural leader.  He made it into a quest program at school that is only for the brightest of the bright.  Michael loves anything techie-especially video games.  Even as a baby he was drawn to anything with a screen.  He is also a big reader, especially of anything Minecraft, Star Wars, or Percy Jackson.  He probably reads a book a day, no joke.

Michael is also diagnosed with Aspergers and A.D.D.

Things have been going really well though lately.  I decided to take him off of his stimulant A.D.D. medication recently.  He was getting tummy aches and nausea every day.  Plus the medicine was horrifically expensive with our crappy insurance (which used to be great but has steadily gotten worse since the President ‘fixed’ health insurance).

Michael has needed his meds to get through the school day.  There were many times pre-meds were I had to pick him up from school because he was so out of control.  One time multiple staff members had to physically put him in a hold until I could get there.  In first grade they brought in a team to evaluate Michael.  We had thought he had a combination of A.D.D., O.C.D., and O.D.D.  Turns out his primary thing was his aspergers.  It made so much sense when we read about the diagnosis.  It fit him to a ‘T’.

20150310_135558_resizedSo Michael has been on a stimulant to help him stay calm and focused at school.  I’ve tried natural options in the past to no avail.  So I was worried when I tried my current protocol.  But Michael does seem to be doing well at home and is reasonably calm (he is a 10 year old boy!) and I spoke to his teacher yesterday and she said he is doing really well at school- the litmus test.

So, every morning I have been giving him Now’s brand magnesium, glycine and fish oil.  It seems to work for him.  We have always gone through ‘good’ and ‘rough’ patches with Michael so we have yet to see if this will last.

On a side note I am going to come out and say it- I do believe vaccines are contributing to the exploding rates of autism.  I’ve done a lot of my own research.  There are many reasons but I don’t think it is natural or wise to inject infants with a combo of activated viruses, egg proteins, heavy metals, etc.  I have no doubts the ever growing rate of autism, food allergies, and behavioral problems are directly related to the ever growing vaccine requirements.

I do wonder if things would have been different for Michael if he had never been vaccinated.  I look back now and, as they say, hind site is 20/20.  Michael went from being a calm, relaxed, happy baby to having these extreme behavioral problems by age 2.  I pray for healing for him and all the children affected by autism.

I know it is very controversial to link autism to vaccines but we need to find out what is behind autism.  I will stand up and say that I believe vaccines are at the very least a contributing factor that cannot be overlooked.  And we need to do something fast or we are going to end up with a generation of children that have been maimed by a profit-driven healthcare industry.


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