Strong with the Roast

My name is Sierra and I am a coffee-holic.  😉  It is in my blood, really.  Like many Minnesotans I come from Scandinavian pioneers that drank coffee all day long.  My dad drinks a pot a day.  My mom probably drinks half a pot.  I started drinking coffee on a regular basis at the age of 14.  Even when I fast from food I still drink coffee.  My head would probably implode if I didn’t!  Coffee is practically considered a health-elixir.  There are hundreds of components and many antioxidants which benefit health.  Cheers to that!

Lately I have been loving french press coffee.  The french press takes coffee to a new level.  This method is perfect for those of us that think ‘coffee’ and ‘strong’ ought to be synonymous.  The french press produces rich crema and captures the rich, cocoa-ey notes in coffee like none other.  images

I’ve found that my french press (found at IKEA for a mere $8!) produces coffee that is rich, full-bodied, strong, and delicious.  Drip coffee doesn’t come close!

So here is my ode to delicious coffee and a rough how-to guide.

Good coffee starts with good ingredients.  I prefer organic dark roasts.  Buying whole bean is a must.  Use fresh filtered or bottled water.  French press makers are easy to find.  Make sure it is glass but you don’t need to spend a lot.

I measure out my water by pouring about two (coffee) cups worth of water into a small saucepan.  You can use a tea kettle as well.  Then grind about 2 tablespoons worth of coffee per cup (or to taste) with a coarse grind.  If you grind the coffee too fine it will be very hard to plunge the grounds down.  (oops, I do this daily!)  Dump the grounds into the bottom of the carafe.

Let the water come to a low boil then dump the water right onto the grounds.  I then put the lid on top (no plunging yet!) and wrap it in a kitchen towel so the coffee stays hot.  Now set a timer for 3 to 4 minutes.  When the timer beeps it is time to take the plunge!  As implied the plunger forces all the grounds to the bottom so when you pour your coffee the grounds are left behind.

It is important to drink the coffee or transfer it quickly.  The coffee in the carafe will continue to brew to the point of becoming bitter.  I transfer my 2nd cups worth into a stainless steel travel mug.

I then add my bit of creamer and half and half and savor the rich, deep taste you can only get with french press.  Forewarning: once you get used to this coffee all other coffee will taste weak and lacking! 😉  You’ll probably experience some trial and error in producing your own method for your perfect cup.  This method is also great for camping, no electricity (just water boiled over a fire) needed.

Happy brewing!   1x4-brewing-plunger


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