A Step Back

So I deactivated my facebook account (again).  Which is kind of big deal in our world of hyper-connectedness.  The reasons were the same-o same-o.  It was becoming too big a part of my life.  It was becoming a source of negative yuckness.  I posted a link to an article (by secular scientists) explaining how pornography is potentially as addicting and harmful as any drug.  It blew up.  I feel it is important to speak the truth and not shy away from exposing the darkness that plagues so many… but I honestly just don’t need the drama.  I realized I was way stressed and it was taking energy away from my most important charge- my children.

In this modern world women often feel invalidated by being just a stay at home mom.  Like the (24/7!) job of raising children doesn’t count or isn’t important.  When people used to ask the dreaded question- ‘what do you do?’  I would feel like I had to make excuses for being just a stay at home mom.  I don’t say that anymore!

In reality motherhood is a sacred calling.  Being entrusted with a little child (let alone 3!) is kind of a miracle.  I’m in the super busy stage where they are still very dependent.  The stage everyone tells you supposedly goes by fast.  😉  But doesn’t feel it when you are up to your elbows in temper tantrums, accidents and sticky sippy cups!

So I am making an effort to cut out time-wasters.  Here’s looking at you- facebook.  It’s not me, it’s you.  Honestly, I’ll probably go back sooner rather than later (missing the connections) but hopefully with more peace and perspective.  I want to use my down time more productively.  I want to be more present in reality.  I want to read more books.  I want to, as always, keep growing in my walk with Christ.

Titus 2 talks about how young women should “love their husbands and children and to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored.” Titus 2:4-5  I plan on being more purposeful to do just that!

My ministry…   20150320_192915 Gabriel and Michael2015-03-23 19.47.53Miss Shiloh


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