Things I’m Loving Right Now

My second blog post of the day.  People you need to understand that I love writing, I get excited easily, and I drink too much coffee.  I follow my husband around the house but he just doesn’t share my level of enthusiasm, so I blog.  🙂  I wanted to share things in my life right now that I am loving and grateful for.

1. This blog.  I have already met wonderful fellow bloggers in Christ.  I love the Christian community here.  So much love, support and good vibes.  Blogging has really made me go deeper in my relationship with God.  Each day I am eagerly mining the scriptures and listening for his voice.  I love it.

2. Castor oil.  Yes.  I recently picked up some to help with my son’s eczema.  It is really helping.  Little guy is itching less and sleeping better.  I started using it on my own skin and it is amazing.  I mix it with Now Rose oil blend on my face every night.  It is really thick and greasy at first.  But by morning it as all absorbed and my skin is looking better than it ever has. 🙂  Here are links to what I use…   and

3. Dubliner Irish cheese.  Low carb diets can get hard and boring after awhile.  You need nummy low carb options to keep you going.  This stuff is amazing.  I picked up a big block at Costco.  It is a bit pricey but totally worth it.  best. cheese. ever.

4. Spring.  It was -14 degrees, or fourteen below as we say in the Midwest- this morning.  But a warm up is coming!  I love spring and Easter so much.  It is so meaningful to me.  I love the fresh life, the warm sunshine breaking through after a long winter, and of course focusing on the resurrection of Christ.

That is it for now.  What are you loving lately?  What are you excited about? 🙂


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