For Crystal

I like to talk up the special people in my life and now I am shining the limelight on my best-friend-in-the-whole-world; Crystal Rourke.  We met at church around 3 1/2 year ago when her youngest was a baby (when you’re a mom you mark time by your kids ages!).  We had both been praying for God to bring a good friend into our lives.  We definitely found that in each other and more.

10492147_10154545388270074_230023541758810373_nCrystal is such an inspiration to me.  I won’t share her testimony, it is hers to share- but she has been through some really rough times.  Her story made me cry.  She is a living miracle of God’s grace.  She’s had a lot of setbacks and heartache but she has been such an overcomer.

She has three beautiful boys and her husband and her pour their hearts into youth ministry at church.  She is also going to school full time to become a kick-butt justice-enforcer!  It that a job description?  Cause she would be perfect at it.  God has big plans for you, gurl!

I have never laughed harder with anyone than I have with Crystal.  We laugh so hard our abs hurt the next day!

We have cried together, gone to the throne of grace together, and beat back the powers of Hell together.

Crystal truly lives up to her namesake.  She sparkles and shines the light wherever she goes.  She makes people feel instantly at ease and has a habit of getting hugs from near strangers; she is just that lovable.

Crystal you are so much more than a friend to me; you are my sister.  I love you!


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