Fasting Insights

265834670_640 The best way to describe the way I feel fasting is ‘quiet’.  The constant background noise and sin-struggle is hushed way down.  The praise song I have heard so many times all of a sudden has fresh meaning.  I feel so much more in tune with what God wants to speak to me.  I feel a calming in my spirit.

I am such a striver by virtue of personality.  I tend to reset (without realizing it) to seeing my faith as God and I’s self-improvement project.  It is really, really hard for me to stop trying to earn his love.  It is really hard for me to receive it.  So in those rare moments when I can quiet all that background noise and really feel God’s love- the floodgates open.  I remember it isn’t about self-improvement.  It isn’t about trying harder.  it is about being captivated by Jesus Christ.

I felt him whisper to me, “I’m not looking for perfection, I want your devotion.”  My heart and eyes overflow in love for my Savior.

Also I feel He has shown me that it matters to Him so much how we treat people.  God doesn’t care at all about money, status, looks.  He loves people.  All people.  We need to treat everyone will respect, kindness, and the love of Christ.  From stopping your car at a crosswalk so people can cross the street (I can’t believe how many people ignore an elderly pedestrian in the crosswalk) to random acts of kindness, to paying compliments to strangers, etc.  We can show the love of Christ wherever we go.  People may forget what we say but they will never forget how we made them feel.

God wants us to be a flow-through account of his JOY and love and blessings.  We are blessed to bless others.  Then, in God’s economy, we are even more blessed.

God is so good.  A moment seeking Him is never wasted.  No good deed in His name will go un-rewarded.  He is such a loving Father to us, and His heart is that we would truly know Him


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