Health Update

We have been giving our 6 year old daily ‘bleach baths’ (1/4 cup bleach in tub) to get his eczema under control.  We haven’t seen as dramatic improvement as he had hoped for, but there is some.  He still needs prayer.  I cringe every time I look at his poor little body.  Bumps, crust, raw open skin… just awful.  I think I am going to try geranium oil again.  I can’t stand the smell (like noxious roses) but it really did help last time I tried it.  I might also try evening primrose oil, which is supposed to help skin heal.

My latest thing is dry-brushing.  Here in the midst of the looonngg Minnesota winters, skin can get pretty gnarly.  Dry brushing has tons of benefits from smoother skin to improved circulation.  I just personally enjoy it.  When I am done I almost feel light headed from the intense blood flow, detoxing, or whatever is going on!

I am also going to incorporate one day of fasting a week.  I think Tuesday will be my day to fast from food and the internet so I can seek God without distractions.  Well, with less distractions!  My toddler hasn’t been feeling well so she has been super clingy.  Yesterday I just included her in my worship.  She loves worship, it is so sweet.  Nothing like hearing a little toddler voice singing to Jesus.

Lower-carbing is going very well.  I noticed a difference in my fasting yesterday.  I just seemed to handle it better than I have in the past.  The trick is keeping your blood sugar low and even-keel all the time.  Fasting has so many benefits in so many ways.  I am primarily doing it as a way to grow closer to God, but anyone can benefit from some sort of fasting.  If the thought of not eating is overwhelming; you can start with giving up pop, sugar, coffee, etc.  Give your body and soul a chance to detox.

That is all for now, blessings on your day!


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