Lower-Carbing Update

So far, so good.  I have been gluten-intolerant for years so being on a funky diet is not a big deal for me.  I am feeling better and seeing results.  I am still tracking with my fitness pal every day.  I am a pretty active person so I am still eating around 2,000 calories and 110 carbs a day. I’ve discovered some new low carb snacks-

-lightly roasted pumpkin seeds.  Delicious, filling, super healthy.

-salad of spinach and hummus for dressing.  Again, filling and a decent way to eat hummus without corn chips.

-detour protein bars.  I know, protein bars taste a little card-boardy but these aren’t too bad and great on the go.

-fast-food option of a cheeseburger sans bun.  You can get it wrapped in lettuce or eat it with a fork.

-filtered, high-protein milk.  So good, lactose free, and a lower carb option.  I use it to make lattes (so good) and protein shakes.

-dark chocolate.  There is no way I am giving it up!  Traders Joe’s has an awesome low-carb bar.  Even regular 70% chocolate can fit into a low-carb diet.  Yay!

…and the old standbys of hard-boiled eggs, cottage cheese, almonds, cheese, and chicken.

I’ve been hitting the gym almost every day too.  I mostly focus on training with my body weight (isn’t that usually enough?) or weights really heavy enough to kick my butt.


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