Who Are You?

imagesFor most of my life I’ve believed labels other people put on me.  I’m too sensitive.  I’m not outgoing enough.  My nose is too big.  And on and on.

That started to change though, a couple years ago.  I was in the postpartum stage after having Shiloh and going through my own emotional quarter-life crisis.  My sister talked me into taking a personality test, and of course she had me pegged.  I took the Meyers-Briggs test ( a couple, actually) and came up as (she totally called it) an INFJ.  It was really enlightening to read about my type and my strengths and weaknesses.  I had always focused on the weaknesses.  Apparently, I have a lot of strengths too.  I had always felt a bit different and ‘weird’ and come to find out my type, INFJ, is like only 1% of the population.  INFJ’s are known as the ‘Counselors’ and the ‘Protectors’ and are special (not weird, ok maybe a bit) and unique.

In my postpartum emotional haze it was a God send.  It was very affirming for me.  This was how God made me and I am beautiful in my own way.  I shouldn’t apologize for being sensitive.  Being sensitive is a gift.  I care deeply.  I notice things other’s might miss.  I get true joy from helping and encouraging people.  The world needs people like that.

I’m horrible at directions, small talk, planning, and left brain stuff.  It is laughable how often I call Tim to help me get home (from somewhere I’ve been 50 times).  Google maps is my best friend!  But I have a good grasp on the deeper things of life, the right brain stuff.

I am still on my journey towards loving and embracing who God created me to be.  It’s kind of a bumpy road, but that is just life, right?

I encourage everyone to take that test.  Read an in depth character analysis.  Get insight into what makes you, ‘you’ and special.  God made you, crafted you like a masterpiece, unique and He wants you to walk in that.

Here is a link to a test for those interested- http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp   🙂


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