Good Soil

goodsoilMy husband, Tim, and I were doing a marriage devotional a couple nights ago and felt very convicted over a certain passage.  In Matthew 13 and Mark 4 Jesus tells the parable of the sower.  It is about a farmer that sows seed into 4 different types of soil.  There is the seed that falls on the path and is immediately eaten up by birds.  This symbolizes people who hear the message but don’t receive Jesus as Lord.  Then there is the seed on the shallow, rocky soil.  The plants spring up quick but die off as soon as they get intense sunlight and get scorched because the roots don’t go deep.  This is believers who hear, believe, and demonstrate real life change- but soon encounter a difficult test, conclude it isn’t worth it or that God isn’t really good; and fall away.  Some seed fall among thorns which spring up and choke the life out of the burgeoning plant.  This symbolizes believers who are genuinely saved but never accomplish their call or mission because they get caught up in the worries, troubles, pleasures and distractions of life.  And then there is the seed on the good soil- which goes on to produce an amazing harvest.  This obviously symbolizes the believers who endure the tests, weather trials, and go on to live out their days faithfully fighting the good fight of faith and doing great things for the kingdom.

We (husband and I) feel more like those struggling plants among the thorns.  We have so many blessings but sometimes those blessings are exhausting and time-consuming!  We too can get caught up in all the frightening world events.  We too get distracted by the temporal and forget the eternal.

There is a great quote, “If the Devil can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.”

We want to have hearts and lives like the ‘good soil’.  We are still trying to balance that against our many responsibilities.  There are days I creep out of bed to do my quiet time and there is already a child awake wanting breakfast!  I don’t ever have time to just sit and pray for an extended period of time.  The Bible is usually read in quick 10 minute intervals.

I think the important thing is doing whatever it takes to stay connected to God.  All I listen to (music wise) is praise music.  I try to listen to good bible teaching on Faith 900 when I am making dinner.  I pray in the car.  No, I’m not spending as much time with God as I would like but I know this is just a season in my life.

What do you do to stay connected to God?  When do you most feel His presence?


3 thoughts on “Good Soil

  1. Lovee this! Sierra, you are absolutely doing everything you should be at this phase of your life – I’m majorly impressed by all you do! You are certainly a woman after the Lord’s own heart, and a soul on the path to holiness. Keep on being such an inspiration to your family, to your readers, to all!

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