For My Mom

I got a lot from my mom- a love of fitness, a love of blonde hair dye, a slight impulsivity, and a lifelong love of Jesus.

Some of my earliest memories where in church.  I grew up knowing so much about the Lord and knowing Him from a young age and my mom is mostly to thank for that.  When I was just a toddler and suffering from awful, recurrent ear infections my mom took me to a healing crusade.  She brought me up front and I was prayed over.  I was healed from that moment on, never to have a problem with my ears again.  Perhaps the first of many dramatic interventions from God.

My Mom had us kids very young and went through many tough circumstances.  She put us first though.  She always made sure we were involved in sports and was always so hospitable to our friends.  I remember friends and neighborhood kids calling her ‘mom’.  Mom would regularly go on our field trips or just come eat lunch at school with us.  She always made me feel so special and my friends loved her.  She shelled out who knows how much (probably money we didn’t have) for our braces and so we could occasionally get some of the cool brand name clothes.

Mom worked odd jobs and did daycare so she could be home with us as much as possible.  She would take us along with her to the gym to do step classes and workout.  And there were the legendary bike rides and infamous camping trips…. 😉

We gave poor Mom all kinds of hell.  She did so much for us and we were so often unappreciative.  Things have a way of working out though (especially when God is running the show) and nowadays I voice my love and appreciation often and loudly!  Mom has been through a lot and life has given her some hard knocks.  Though she has always been such a model of grace, determination and a good come-back.  Mom is real success story in every way.  Her life is unmistakably marked by the amazing love of her Savior.

Mom is such a great Nana to her 9 grandkids.  She babysits (best gift ever!), bakes great cupcakes, takes the kids on adventures, and is over-the-top generous.  She is truly such a blessing to all who know her.

mom3 Mom circa 1962 with Grandpa Dick

mom5Mom and us kids; now doing more child raising and a lot less hell-raising!

mom2Mom found love again, with this great guy- Geoff Schaal

mom6Mom and Erica after a color run.  This lady also cross-fits!

mom mom7mom4Mom still embraces life and has a spirit of adventure!

Mom- you are truly a inspirational, beautiful, and godly women.  I love you so much!


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