First Blog!

This is exciting for me, I have wanted to make a blog for at least a couple years.  I’ve let my ditzy-blondness stop me, so this is an accomplishment.

I didn’t do Christmas cards or anything (super lame, I know) this year so I’ll do an update on how our family is doing.

Tim and I are good.  We are reading the “Story of Marriage” by John and Lisa Bevere.  It’s good for us because it is hard to keep the fun and connection going when your life has been taken over by little invaders (AKA children).  We decided a couple months ago to become facebook-exiles.  For many reasons, but mainly we want to be fully present in the real world and enjoy this time with our young kids that we will only get once.

Michael is pretty good.  I worry he is struggling to make and keep friends because of his ASD (aspergers).  He does seem to like his new school though, and his teacher is great.

Gabe likes kindergarten a lot.  He is definitely the quiet and studious type.  We have had a pretty epic struggle in the past few months with his eczema and resulting staph infections.  It got pretty serious about a month ago and we had to take him to the E.R.

Shiloh is her usual happy and adventurous self.  She has just recently started to utter whole sentences.  She loves to sing and dance.  I see a future little star!

We really love Buffalo.  We are very blessed.

I got a lot of cooking and cleaning to do today, so I should probably wrap this up.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and feels the warmth of HIS presence; that’s what it is all about.  fampic


10 thoughts on “First Blog!

  1. I love the picture, like Gabe is saying “yeah I da man” ha! This will be fun to follow Sierra, thank you so much. We are doing nothing tonight for Christmas eve. Tomorrow evening we are having a lady over for supper and mom of course. Christmas is different now these days without any kids, like Halie. But we can still rejoice that Christ came to this earth as a human baby to save us from our sins. Love, Terry


  2. Ciara your smile is the fakest I’ve ever seen in a photograph. Tim well there’s nothing I can say about you there of course michael has his eyes closed game looks awesome as can be and Shiloh well she’s just as cute as ever.


  3. I got the comments, still figuring out how to approve them all- still trying to figure out how this whole thing works 😉 Thanks guys for reading and your support. Aaron- you know how hard it is to get everyone to smile at the same time? This is the pic where everyone is looking the least retarded.


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